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The Day We Marched Ourselves Into History.

My goal with this blog was to write and share at least one post each week, and up until recently, I was doing fairly well with that. Unfortunately, the last couple weeks have been very stressful for me and I’ve felt more anxious than normal..which has steered me away from being able to write when I’d like to. Yes – there are a lot of things going on in my personal life that have led to my stress, but the stress remains heavily on last week’s inauguration and the current/future state of our country. Which I’m sure you can tell because my last post was politically driven, as well as this one.

Anyway, I’ve been doing my best to push through all the negativity I’ve been feeling and I knew the best way to do that was to join all my sisters and brothers in the Women’s March on Chicago. And who better to share that with than my childhood (and still) bestie, Kayla!

Looking forward, this post is going to be all about my experience with the largest inauguration-related protest in US history.

That’s right – we made history, people!

On Friday, January 20, 2017 Donald Trump was sworn in as our 45th President of the United States. It was an extremely emotional day to see a man with so much hatred and divisive motives to become our leader. Almost as hard as seeing the Obama’s board the helicopter. (Serious tears were shed at that moment). All day at work, I was in a daze, I was hoping/wishing/praying that something amazing would happen and Trump would share some sense of solidarity and unity for all the people of America. I was hoping/wishing/praying he would apologize for his hateful campaign and that he promises his presidency would be different. But nothing of the sort was shared. To say I felt defeated all day on Friday is no exaggeration.

As Friday night approached, I started feeling a tad better because I was being proactive in my sadness. I went to my parents house and made signs for the Women’s March with two of the strongest women I know – my mother and my grandmother. Plus, I had pizza and Uncommon Stout in my belly so I was pretty joyous about that.

It’s time to march!

Saturday morning comes and I’m feeling a little bit stronger about everything – how could I not?! I was about to march alongside 50,000 like-minded people for a cause I truly believe in.

Before I get into the AMAZING details of the march, I’d like to share a quick story about the uber ride to the march. Our driver, who was a bit of a butthead to begin with, immediately started disrespecting and complaining about the march.

“This isn’t important. There’s no reason to march. It’s not going to make a difference. People are being stupid. Trump is still your president so they’re wasting time. This isn’t important.”

I looked at Kayla, took a deep breath and said, “This is for women’s rights and equality for all, so yeah, it’s pretty dang important”. (Or something along the lines of that)

His response was, “I thought women had rights”.

At that moment, I decided that was the reason I was marching. People make these “assumptions” and ”accusations” because things are better than they once were (honestly, this is only in regards to white women)…but that does not mean our work is done. And, not to mention he completely ignored the fact that I said “equality for all”. As badly as I wanted to give this man some education on the matter, we decided instead we would get out of the car and begin our march a little earlier than planned.


As we approach the area designated for the march, my first thought is: 50,000 people my ass! HOLY CRAP, guys! Everywhere you looked, there were people holding signs and chanting. There were so many people, that the actual planned March was cancelled because it could not accommodate the 250,000+ people that attended. Part of Michigan Ave was shut down, people were overflowing in every direction, it was insane!

To see that amount of people standing up for the greater good of EVERYONE – for those that don’t have a voice, for those that are terrified living in this country, for those that feel alone – it was the best feeling in the world.

I marched next to children, young teens, men with and without their families, the elderly who could barely walk, police officers with pussyhats, immigrants, the homeless, people of all races, religions and sexual orientations. All of these people come from different walks of life, yet they were there to take a stand for those that were forgotten and oppressed, in general, but significantly more with the new administration that took office the day prior.

January 21, 2017 – A day I’ll never forget…

If the pictures of this March are still leaving you with some serious concerns (which they should), please check out the article below. I read this on Friday and it settled my nerves quite a bit when I coupled it with the overwhelming turnout for the March. People are pissed, and people are ready to fight for the greater good. Without the anger/hatred from Trump, the fire would not have been ignited quite like this.

Trump becoming president is good for one reason…

I’m going to end this post with a note to those that disagree with my opinions and were probably rolling their eyes the entire time reading this…..

For those that believe marches/protests incite violence:

With more than 3 million people involved in this march/protest across the world, there was not one act of violence or arrest. (This is going to be aggressive, but…) Suck on that.

For those that don’t agree with feminism or think we don’t need it:

Read a book. Educate yourselves. Get involved. Feminism is about equality for all and if you don’t understand that or don’t think it’s necessary, then you’re not paying attention. Also, just a friendly reminder, that just because you don’t feel affected by oppression, etc., doesn’t mean it’s not happening and that we shouldn’t fight for those living with it.

For those that did not support the march, I urge you to read this:

Reasons not to march…

I understand and believe it’s important for people to have differing opinions, so I ask those that don’t agree with me to please share your thoughts and opinions on this and let’s have a discussion. Let’s try to understand one another and educate one another on our stances. With America being as divided as it is today, it’s important that we remain active on understanding each other. But above all else, it’s important that we love and fight for each other.

Peace. Love. Equality for all.

XO. The Welcome Woman

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