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Fearlessness and Gratitude. Word.

Words are awesome. That’s a stone-cold fact. One of the reasons it’s a fact is because life without words would be impossible ..well not quite impossible, but it would make life extremely more difficult, and who really needs that? The real reason words are awesome is because they are one of the main ways we communicate among each other.

Words are the means we communicate our true personalities, feelings, thoughts, and expressions. How I represent myself in person is more than the clothes on my back and the god-awful roots on my outgrown platinum hair; the way I speak, what I say and the words I use are the factors that truly portray who I am. How I write, what I say, what my tone is, etc…the combination of it all can equate to a certain, deeper meaning. Words have a strong power and that’s why they have the ability to mean so much and hurt equally as bad.

A simple “hello” to a stranger may be the best part of their day, while a “goodbye” could be the end of their world.

With today’s post, I want to share with you two specific words that seem just as ordinary as “hello” and “goodbye”, that helped me through my hardest year yet…And I’m sure they will help me through my best years as well.

Fearlessness and Gratitude.

Heads up – the way I came up with these two words as my life mantra is a little ridiculous and I hope you don’t dismiss them because of it.

Last year around this time (beginning of the month) one of my best friends in the world (Avalon Thomas-Roebel) came to visit me. If you’re familiar with BirchBox, you know that you receive a box at the beginning of each month – with it being a New Year, they did an awesome promotion that let you design your box by filling in two blank spaces of words to live by for that year.

Party time

You guessed it! Together, we created “Fearlessness and Gratitude” – the words we didn’t think much of, but now they’re words that my friends are probably tired of hearing me chant 😉

Anyway, we liked our choice of words and thought they had a nice ring to them, so we giggled and hugged like Jr. high besties that haven’t seen each other in two days. Later that night, we went out to dinner, we ordered our delicious stout beers and decided to make a cheers to “Fearlessness and Gratitude”! And that was the end to any other cheers in my life (thus far).


I could share a definition here, but I think it’s pretty pointless to write something like “lack of fear” or “without fear” because that’s kind of obvious…yet, I just did it anyway!

When you first think of fearlessness you think: bravery, heroic, strong, daring, courageous, etc. But fearlessness isn’t about being a hero, it’s about accepting things as they are and not being afraid of them. You don’t have to pack your bags and move to Africa for two years (my brother) or go skydiving to be fearless. Fearlessness is a frame of mind. To some, being fearless is something along the lines of what I mentioned above, and for some people, being fearless is getting out of bed. No matter who you are or what you’re overcoming, you made it another day and you’re being FEARLESS…even if you were scared the entire time. And for that, I’m proud of you!


grat·i·tude – ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/


  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

If there is something the world needs more of, it’s gratitude. If people were kind to themselves and kind to others, appreciative of the things, people and experiences around them, there would be an immense decrease in hatred. 

Let’s do an activity:

Stop what you’re doing. Breathe. Now think.

Think about a time that you were incredibly unhappy with yourself and your life – what was your outlook on others and the world? Let me guess, it wasn’t as kind or positive as it normally is.

As humans, we can’t help but radiate our emotions and share them with those around us (even if we don’t mean to). If we lack gratitude toward ourselves, we lack kindness and acceptance toward others. It’s an unfortunate cycle, but if you’re aware of it, you can save yourself and those around you from falling victim to it. 

I don’t mean this in a bad way, but take your life with a grain of salt. Shit is going to hit the fan, and shit is going to be glorious. Just remind yourself that you’re alive, you’re breathing and you have the ability to control your perception of the shitty things that happen. Be gracious. Have Gratitude. 

Fearlessness and Gratitude

As incredible these words are individually, I think it’s when they are brought together that they create something powerful. I truly believe life can be best lived if you stay true to the combination of these words’ meanings.

  • Be grateful and happy for where you are now and for the things, people, experiences in your life – but if you don’t like something, be fearless as you delete the negative and make the necessary changes.
  • Show kindness to yourself and others. Everyone is on a different path, don’t judge or fear yourself, your choices or others’ choices.
  • Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong, be grateful that you have the opportunity in the first place.
It’s amazing how two simple words can have so much meaning. Before last year’s January Birchbox, I never considered Fearlessness or gratitude to be anything more than a part of my basic vocabulary. Now, they are who I am. Thank you, BirchBox and Avalon, for helping me come to the realization for my two favorite words.
Peace. Love. Words. (WORD.)
Xo. The Welcome Woman


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