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Hello, welcome, and thank you! My name is Tracey – I am a twenty-something year old woman who has a thirst for life and is ready to welcome any ups and downs that come my way.

Life is messy. I am messy. Therefore, my life is messy. For some people that’s hard to admit and until now, that stood true for me. As young women, we are expected to have our lives together or at least act like we do, but on this blog, I want you to welcome the messy – take it for what it is, cherish it, and make it bloom! After all, that’s what life’s about; it’s about taking lemons and making lemonade (or whatever analogy you prefer to use).

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade … And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party. — Ron White

Disclaimer: I have no idea who Ron White is, but I like him.

Well, to go with Ron White’s suggestion, I’ve decided to find the vodka. This blog will be my vodka.

Blog = Vodka

  • It’s going to help me dance. There are so many celebrations in life, big and little, so let’s share ’em!
  • It’s going to give me headaches. It’s not easy sharing personal information, but it will be worth it because I’m gonna have some fun with it.

There are many other comparisons I can come up with to explain how my blog is the vodka to my lemonade, but I don’t think that creates the best first impression. Whoops! So instead, I’m going to list a couple facts about myself and my plan for this blog. Ready, set, GO!

  1. (The typical ‘say something interesting about yourself comment’) I snort when I laugh. And yes, I got it from my mama.
  1. I work at a local marketing agency and volunteer as the marketing chair for the Quad Cities Marathon. Although I’m very busy with the two, I’m still yearning for more (hence the start of this blog).
  1. My favorite things in the whole wide world are: Family, friends, Harry Potter and FOOD! I also like sleeping, yoga, running, coffee, beer that tastes like coffee, etc. I like a lot of things.
  1. I have a million goals for myself, but my main goal in life is to be HAPPY…and travel the world. NBD.

(Warning: This is the fact that brings this all together)

  1. I am a young, female adult and I have a lot of thoughts about life – whether its about career, love, travel, health, sexism, family values, etc., and I believe this is the perfect outlet for other women (just like me) to welcome all the ups and downs life has to offer!

Now let’s do this thing we call life!  

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