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When Life Gets In The Way…

Hi everyone – long time, no talk. Literally. My bad on that one, folks. Some of you may not be aware, but I just underwent a 2 month hiatus from blogging. It wasn’t necessarily planned, but it happened. And to be honest, I’m pretty upset with myself for letting it happen. 

  1. I set a goal to post at least 4 times a month to and I let myself down.
  2. Many people asked me about my blog – “Why haven’t I seen a post from you in a while?”

Well dang, Betty! Why are you paying attention so closely?Just kidding, it meant A LOT to me that people were actually missing some of my posts. So thank you, “Betty”!

So, to answer the question – where has The Welcome Woman been and why haven’t I posted?

Life. Life is why.

I’ll give you a quick synopsis as to why I’ve been MIA the past two months…here it goes!

In early May, my cousin got married to a wonderful man in Sin City. The saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is semi relevant to this story. Let’s just say that I behaved myself until Mother’s Day – so mom, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Anyway, it was an amazing trip. I had the privilege of flying out with my other cousin, aunt, and mom.

(Flight Tip: Drinking two drinks before the flight and three on board, creates the perfect pre-game for Vegas. Just don’t be like my Aunt that walked up and down the aisles trying to take selfies with people. Actually, scratch that. DO IT.)

Once we got out there, we met my Aunt from Florida who I had not seen in almost a year! It was the most amazing time – my fave gal pals, drinks, pools, sunshine and lots of cuddles.

Mandalay Bay Pent House


Apparently once I got back to Illinois, I wasn’t ready to stop the party. I then went to Nelly, the dude with the band-aid, with my other favorite gal pals.


And after seeing Nelly, I wasn’t ready to be done with the music scene so I went to Red Hot Chili Peppers with my roomie and her beautiful mama!


It was so good that I didn’t even take any photos or videos. I was blown away with the energy – how amazing they sounded, how passionate the artists and audience were. It was a freakin’ Tuesday, and it was the best show I’ve ever seen.

Then Memorial Day weekend happened….We’re just going to leave it at that.

WHEW. So that was the month of May. Are you starting to see why I couldn’t focus enough for a post? Yes, this is an excuse, but ya know.

June, hello, June! Awhile back I had mentioned that my brother went into the Peace Corps, remember? Well, June 6th was the day he came home for a 20 day visit! It was a Tuesday night at 10:30pm, he came walking down toward baggage claim and as soon as I saw his bright, red head, tears took over. The excitement to just be next to him was the strongest gravitational pull I’ve ever felt. Ten seconds later, it was as if he never left. The gravitational pull went away and he was just my brother, my friend. We stayed up that night until 3am, drinking white russians and laughing till we fell on the floor. It was a night I will forever be grateful for…until the next morning.

On Wednesday, the day after my brother came home from Africa, I had to go to work and then drive to Chicago and Back. You’d think this would be a terribly long and miserable day, but it was quite the opposite. I was driving to Chicago to pick up my dear friend, Bobo (Patrick) Fenton.

I met Bobo in Jamaica in May 2016. We only knew each other for two days before I left, but we had an immediate connection from the beginning. Throughout the year we kept in constant contact – I knew almost everything about his life and he knew about mine. He’d read my blog and question me, I’d question him. We came to each other for support and for congrats. The friendship grew and it grew fast. FINALLY, after a lot of previous discussions, he had scheduled an appointment to get his visa to visit. On May 30th he had his appointment, and on June 7th he was on his way to Illinois! He came as a friend and left as so much more than that.


On June 26th, the fun came to an end. I could finally breathe and get back to “normal” life. I could finally get back to my blog…

As I said before, I was very disappointed in myself for not fulfilling the goal I set. But, life happens. And when it does, its best to live in the moment and take it for all it has to offer. My cousin is married, Nelly and the RHCP aren’t coming back in the area for a long time, and Keith + Bobo are gone. The only thing I regret is letting myself feel guilty for living.

So do me a favor, goals/work can wait, but life can’t. Make a mental note of that!

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  • This is the first time I’ve swung by your blog and I TOTALLY relate to this post.
    I have been a blogger for a few years and 6 months ago I stopped completely out of the blue.
    I needed the break and to just enjoy life. It’s totally normal and I’m glad there are other people speaking up about stepping away from social media!