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Well hello there again and welcome back! If this is your second time here, thanks for stopping by again. If it’s your first time here to The Welcome Woman, then it’s because I have amazing friends that shared the CRAP out of my other post (for lack of better words…actually, who am I kidding? I use that saying all the time. Classy, right?!) Speaking of classy, that leads me into this week’s post:

The many facets of being a twenty-something woman

Female Millennial

We chow down // We sweat & stink // We are professional // We can PARTY

I’ll start with a question – who else feels like you have pressure from society to be a million different things at once OR a woman with specific characteristics? HOLLA! Me too, sista!  

Society says, “As women we should act classy, but if we’re too classy, we’re stuck up. We should be toned, but not too toned, because then we will look ‘masculine’. We should wear makeup, but not too much because then it makes us look like we care too much. But if we don’t have makeup on, then we aren’t caring enough”.

Boy oh boy, I’m exhausted and frustrated already.

So what do we do about this? NOTHING. Completely ignore anyone or anything who makes you feel like you need to be a certain way. There’s no such thing as an ideal person and it’s about time we all acknowledge and accept that. And it starts with self-acceptance.

To make it a little easier on you guys, I decided to share how I’m multi-faceted. AKA: My personality/desires are all over the freaking place, and it’s okay.

  • I like to run and exercise, but I also love to eat puppy chow until I’m about to throw up.
  • I like to stay in and hang out with my mom (LOVE YOU, MOM) watching Harry Potter on a Friday night, but I also enjoy puttin’ down beers until 3am and dancing in front of mirrors because I think I look THAT sexy (True story, ask any of my friends. It’s a little embarrassing. But I own it!).

Drunk Harry Potter

  • I love kicking @$$ at work, but I also like to call in sick and watch Netflix all day.
  • I can’t wait to meet the man of my dreams, but I also enjoy making out with whoever I want as a single lady. AYYYY!! 😉
  • I want to save money and purchase a house, but I really enjoy spending money – on literally everything.

So what now?!

It has taken me a LONG time to figure out that it’s okay to be a mix of these things and how to have ‘total’ self-acceptance. I don’t have to have my life figured out, I don’t have to have it together and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. And same for the other side of things – I can have my life figured out, following a plan, and doing the right thing. As long as I’m happy, that’s all that really matters.  

My best advice to you is to learn and understand that self-acceptance is a journey – it’s not something that happens overnight; especially with the pressures from society. But if you stay true to yourself and accept all that you are, you’ll be as happy as a clam (And as I write that, I’m wondering, “Why is that even a saying?!).



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