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Sober October.

The first time I truly lied to myself was 31 days ago when I decided I was going to do “Sober October” and then write a blog post about it. Well, let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. I was originally planning on writing about how to accomplish a “goal” that is a bit of a challenge for most twenty-somethings: going an entire month being sober. Turns out, it was harder than I thought it would be and I really enjoy Oktoberfest beer. Because of this, I decided I’d change the focus of my blog to being about setting a goal and the importance of understanding that sometimes you have speed bumps when trying to accomplish that goal.

To highlight the speed bumps, I decided I’d take a selfie every time I had a drink…

It started like this…

Moscow Mule


Then went to this…


And ended with this…




Because of the poor outcome, I changed my mind for a 2nd time – I might as well stop taking selfies and not do the “Sober October” blog…clearly it wasn’t working. This led to me having a few beverages and looking at old pictures at my parents house…alone. (Oh boy! What has my life come to?)

This is what I found…

Chocolate Cake



It was because of this hilarious image I changed my mind for the 3rd time regarding this week’s blog. I decided to continue going through old pictures and seek out old Halloween costumes instead. So now, this is officially my Halloween post. Enjoy!



img_4109 img_4106 img_4104 img_4103 529411_10201106031989932_1891205489_n 384118_2189494293868_2000510819_n

I hope you had a wonderful, fun and safe Halloween and consumed more candy than recommended for three large men. I sure did 😉

Now because this post was pretty much pointless, I decided to write another one that actually has some meaning to it. Check back here on Thursday for a blog about catcalling.



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