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Stuff About Millennials – P1.

Hello again and welcome back! With millennials being the majority of my readers, I figured today’s post should focus on you! Today’s post is a part one of a two part topic…


(Super intriguing, right? But seriously, it is. Keep reading…please!)

Did you know that Millennials, AKA: Gen Y, is the largest generation with a population of about 90 MILLION?! WHAAT? Yeah, that’s even more than the famous baby boomers. With the influx of people in the Millennial category, we are destined to face challenges unlike any other generation before us. The first challenge I’m going to talk about is probably one of the most frustrating parts of being a millennial…


(Being educated is not the challenge, it’s the stuff that follows…)

Not only do millennials account for the largest population in the world, we are also the most educated. Literally, we are the most educated group of people in the entire world. How bad ass does that make you feel?! Welp, not so much. There’s a little thing called “debt” and a thing called, “I need a job”. Unfortunately, those do NOT go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let me back this up a bit and explain my personal experience to help guide my point…

Growing up I knew school was important – my brother and I were expected to get good grades, participate in class and be respectful to our teachers/classmates. Pretty normal, right? Well, what wasn’t normal, was that my parents alluded me to think that schooling went like this….

Pre-K, Grade School, Junior High, High School, College.

(Here is 13 years of BEAUTY for you to enjoy)

Senior pictures


I had NO idea college was a choice until my sophomore year of high school. You could imagine my surprise when I thought I could actually be done with homework in just TWO YEARS! Turns out, I had another six years to go. After high school, I went to college. In college I was told if I got a certain grade point average, had multiple internships, was involved in school activities and if I spoke a second language that I would find a job no problem. I thought, “Hey, that makes sense. I’ll just kick butt and be super successful right out of college!”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Not so much.

I am one of a million (if not more) people with the same experience and same resume. Only problem is, there’s a million people that need one specific job, but there’s only ONE specific job for the million people. 

(THIS is the frustrating challenge I mentioned above…)

“With the supply of educated workers much higher than the demand for them in the workforce, it has created a perfect storm for unemployment, underemployment, and a flat-out frustrating beginning to our career”.

That’s where the little thing called “debt” and “I need a job” come into play.


So now that I have that stupid piece of paper, I can proudly say I’m thousands of dollars in debt. YAY ME! Ah, just thinking about that makes me nauseous. Now, I’ll be honest – although I am very fortunate to find a job within my field, that doesn’t mean it was all sunshine and puppies. Even with a degree and the ability to speak another language, I was underemployed at my first job. I was the ONLY person in my in my position with a degree. So basically I was paying $300 a month for a piece of paper I really didn’t need – Essentially, my job was not paying for my hard work. It sucked, and it was draining. After a year and a half, I decided it was time for me to make a new career move.


Well, if there’s anything I can tell you about job hunting, it’s that it’s going to make you feel like a piece of ‘no good’ shit. Seriously, it’s no fun. I’ve never doubted myself more. I’d have a phone interview, followed by an in person interview, but when it came down to hiring, I never got the job. Within 5 months, I had about 12 interviews and never got the job. And let me tell you, I felt very confident in each and every one of those interviews – feeling like I owned it and was going to receive a job offer at any moment.

Instead, I either got a big fat “NO” because someone else, usually another millennial, was more qualified, or because I was overqualified. Sometimes I wouldn’t even hear back for a month and I would have to reach out to them just to get rejected. OH, those were the days!  Finally after all this time, I was hired at a job that required a degree. I thought I made it to the top…turns out, I was underpaid at that job. Can a lady catch a break?!

Now Hiring


I work 40 hours a week with a college degree and I’m still struggling. Sure I have enough money to buy a round of $7 Patron shots for my ladies and that large shrimp lo mein, but I’m not really comfortable financially.

I’ve marked off all the things education said I was “supposed to do”, yet I still feel like I need to work 10x harder to be where I want to be. Why? I ask myself that all the time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to that question. If you know, holla atchya girl!

WHY, oh WHY?!

That is my segway into next week’s post. The “why”; it’s the big part of the frustration and stress millennials face which leads to everyone’s least favorite, but well-known A-word….Anxiety.

Meet me back here on Thirsty Thursday and I’ll have another one of these babies for you! SEE YOU SOON!


SCHOOL IS FOR FOOLS – But for real, it really isn’t for everyone. I apologize for not relating to those who chose a different path than education, but this is how I relate to the problem. If any of you would like to share your struggles with me as a millennial in the workforce without a degree, I’d love to write something up and share it with everyone – I can keep it annonymous if you’d like – I aim to please! 
Disclaimer: I read an article a couple days ago and that was my inspiration for this post series. I will share the article after PART DOS (part two for the non-spanish speakers). Make sure to check it out, it’s pretty eye-opening. I also used some of their quotes because I could not have said it any better myself. Those quotes are larger, bold font and  in quotation marks.
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