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Stuff About Millennials – P2. – Anxiety

“Hi, nice to meet you. Do you have purpose in your life?”

Uh, excuse me?!

That’s pretty much how my first appointment for therapy went. I didn’t even know this lady and I had to answer what my purpose in life was. I don’t know about you, but that’s a hard question to answer on the spot – but what’s even harder than that is dealing with anxiety.

“Millennials are reporting the highest levels of clinical anxiety, stress, and depression than any other generation at the same age.” 


When I first had an anxiety attack I had no idea what it was or why it was happening. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was at the tail end of a summer internship in Florida; I was sitting in our weekly department meeting and out of nowhere I had deja vu accompanied with an overwhelming sense of panic and nausea. LIKE WHAT? Seriously? I honestly didn’t think much of it – I assumed it was because I was excited to go home, or maybe that I was hungry (because most problems in my life are caused because I want food and I want it NOW!)

Fast forward to six months later and nothing had changed. In fact, things were actually getting worse. I was back at school, living with my bestfriend and boyfriend, I was in my happy place. Unfortunately, my anxiety didn’t seem to care about that. One night, I was sitting in my apartment watching my all-time favorite show, Parks and Recreation, waiting for my boyfriend to bring home a Redbox and ice cream and BAM!, the mother trucker hit me all over again. Damn you, anxiety!

I got sick, couldn’t breathe, didn’t know where I was, and I couldn’t calm myself down. My mind and body were against me and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I felt lost and confused. Once I finally relaxed, I couldn’t help but think “Am I losing it? Am I not strong enough? Am I the only one who panics like this for no reason?”


Not going to lie, I’m upset I ever thought I was the only person experiencing anxiety.

Truth or Dare? Dare. I dare you to ask the person sitting next to you if they’ve ever experienced anxiety. I bet you a whole dollar (Big $pender, I know!) that they have at some point in their life.

Just to clarify, my goal here isn’t to normalize anxiety and say it’s okay that we all have it, because it’s not okay. Life/Society should not be structured in a way that its young adults can’t handle the stresses that are basically pre-determined for us. It’s not okay that by just living as a millennial we are pretty much handed anxiety on a silver platter. My goal is for all of us to understand and accept that it’s okay we experience it, you’re not alone in this and we should be supportive of one another.


“We’re all struggling, yet we’re all struggling to make it appear like we’re not struggling!”


Ain’t that the truth! The amount of energy it takes to act like you’re kicking life’s ass, probably would’ve been enough to actually fix some of the problems you’re experiencing. We shouldn’t have to lie to one another or post on social media like we actually have control of our lives, know what’s going on or have it together – because the god honest truth is, we are all fucking clueless. And I say that with deep sincerity and with the utmost respect for my fellow millennials 😉

So put your big boy and big girl panties on and let’s stand in solidarity – life is hard as a 20-something so we might as well struggle through it together. Let’s accept our troubles, ‘work’ to find ‘work’, push through any anxiety and depression we may feel – because I know we’re a special group of people and we’re going to do amazing things for ourselves and for future generations.

PEACE. LOVE. TACOS. See you next week 🙂



If you think you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone – a friend, family member, stranger, Doctor, whomever. Help is out there and I guarantee someone would be grateful to be by your side and support you through this hard time. The hardest step is acknowledging you need help, after that, the healing process begins! If you have any questions about how I deal with my anxiety, just reach out to me! I’m an open book and would love to share my experiences.
And although I made the above comment about therapy at the beginning of my post, I truly believe it is an amazing tool to help cope and work through anxiety and depression. I highly recommend looking into it if you think it could help. Again, feel free to ask me any questions.
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