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What’s Up Welcome Woman?!

HIIIIII and HAPPY MONDAY!! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week, I sure am! Today, I woke up early, did a little bit of yoga, showered, actually got ready for work and treated myself to a dirty chai – – OH MY!!! If the rest of my week goes like this, I’m going to be one happy lady! Any way, let’s get to the point: What’s Up, Welcome Woman?!

What am I most excited about?

MY NEW LOGO! Did you see it? Isn’t it just perfect?! Thanks to one of my blogger bff’s, Kelsey, from Blondes and Bagels, I know have a bad ass logo that fits who I am and represents what I want my blog to be! If you need any logo work, contact her – you won’t regret it!


I am now a mother of a fur baby…well sort of.

My roommate and I have a mutual friend on Facebook and she shared this story about a pup who was going to be euthanized if he didn’t find a home by the upcoming weekend, so we did what any dog lover would do – we took him in as our foster pup. Meet Zeus!

***Please ignore the poor quality of this photo and just look at how precious that face is…and no I’m not talking about mine 😉

He’s a collie/greyhound mix, so you know what that means – high energy and lots of love. He’s either going 110 mph or glued to your side giving you the laziest kisses. Some fun facts about him:

  • He likes to watch cow videos. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!
  • He gallops like a horse when he runs and when he chases a toy, he jumps like a bunny.
  • Just like my roommate and I, he can get hangry and cranky when tired…and he knows when he’s cranky and tired! If we call him out on it, he shows sympathy! It’s honestly one of the cutest things ever.
  • When we go to sleep, he falls asleep with his face on top of yours. He’s the world’s best cuddler.


I had my first “real” photoshoot as a blogger.

Two weeks ago I went up to Chicago with two of my besties (Mostly Morgan + Desiree Sandlin Photography) and we had a girls weekend/blog meetup/ eating fest! It was amazeballs! To be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to the photoshoot part of this at all. I’m awkward, I don’t have a sense of style, and I have no clue how to “pose”. But let me tell ya, if you have a skilled photographer and friends that encourage you, you can look like the next Tyra Banks in your photos. See below for proof!


We also met up with these hardworking, hustlers Emma Lenhart and Allie’s Fashion Alley! Check out their blogs – you won’t be disappointed!  


My brother is coming home!!!!!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my brother is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Tanzania, Africa for two years and he will be coming home for the FIRST time since he left in July! That’s right, my mom just purchased his plane ticket to come home in June for TWO WEEKS! In a month in a half, I’ll get to see my brother in person. I forsee a lot of white russians in my future. #cheers!


Spring/Summer running season is among us!

As another side hustle of mine, I volunteer with the Quad Cities Marathon. Right now we’re getting our marketing plan finalized and making appearances at local races to promote our own! This isn’t me being biased, I promise, but this year will be the best year yet! With any registration (from the 1-mile walk/run and 5k to the half and full marathon) you receive a t-shirt, running sleeves and gloves! FO FREEEEEE!!!  How sweet is that deal?! Not to mention Mac + Cheese from Noodles + Company, unlimited beer, and great music! If you’re interested in this race, check it out HERE! Hopefully I’ll see you there! 


Thanks for stopping by, my friends! Now go kick this week’s ass – #bossbabes #bossboys

Peace. Love. Wasssuppp.

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